WikiHow Nokia app Review


This is definitely one of the better Nokia apps out on the market today.  The WikiHow Nokia app lets you have access to all kinds of information.  You can read over 60,000 different articles that are located in the app database and you even have the option to tag certain articles so that you can read them later.  This is a great tool to learning fun facts and pertinent information about the world that we live in.

Wikipedia is a great source for educational learning.  They have also done a good job of linking their information with apps such as this in order to spread knowledge throughout the world.  Take advantage of this wonderful information app and start educating yourself on survival items as well as random cultural and historical facts.


  • This is a very comprehensive Wikipedia app that allows you to gather information from thousands of different articles
  • There are over 60,000 different articles that you can read from once you download the app
  • Once you have opened up an article you have the option to store it to your phone so that you can go back and look at it later in case you don’t have time to read all of it in one sitting
  • One of the fun features that the app has is the Survival Kit that is offered
  • The Survival Kit shows you how to solve vehicle problems that you may encounter as well as any wilderness survival questions that you might have
  • The app is loaded with relevant as well as random information that will keep you happy for hours on end


How can you not love Wikipedia?  There is just so much fun information included on there that you will never be bored with all of the stuff you can end up learning.  The Survival Kit is one of the better features on the phone because most people would love to have a reference on that kind of stuff but just don’t know where to get it.  It is also fun to read up on before you go out on a camping trip, just to make sure you know how to handle certain situations if they should arise.  Overall, a great informational app and the great part is that it is totally free to download onto your Nokia.

Voted 3 out of 5 stars by Nokia education app users and is currently free to download.