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Wikitude Android app Review


The Wikitude Android app is a great way for you to stay involved with the educational side of trips around the world.  To get the complete view of the world around you it is nice to know a little about the culture, history, and attitude of the people.  The Wikitude app uses a multitude of different layers to let you look through the camera of your phone and be connected to local and global information about that venue.

You will love using this app as you go around to new places and want to learn interesting facts about landmarks and landscapes.  This is a very intuitive app and is being updated all of the time to provide you with the best information that is available.  Try out the app today to get your own personal tour guide everywhere you go.


  • The Wikitude app is a very comprehensive and all-inclusive travel guide to help you get the most out of any location that you choose to go to throughout the world
  • The way that this works is you pull out your Android phone and view the world through your camera, and instantly Wikipedia content comes up on the phone telling you about all of the areas and places that are nearby
  • The Wikipedia content is very informative and really can be the best tour guide that you have during your entire vacation as you strive to learn more about the new area that you area in
  • You will see all kinds of annotations about the landscape, the names of all of the surrounding mountains, descriptions of notable landmarks and their histories, and also some fun interesting facts and stories about the places that you are in
  • It uses a system of layers and augmented reality in order to provide all of this content while you are looking at the phone’s display


While it is impossible for the app to work perfectly based on the amount of Earth there is to cover, the Wikitude app does a pretty good job of covering the basics and gives you some general information about the world’s most popular landmarks.  This is a great tool to have with you on any vacation if you would like to learn a little about the history, culture, and notable features that the area has to offer.  This app is especially fun to take to places that are already very rich in history such as Europe.

Voted 3.3 out of 5 stars by Android education app users and is currently free to download.

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