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SpanishDict iPhone app Review


In our world today, it is important to become familiar with some of the big languages in the world.  Spanish is spoken in many countries throughout the world and can be a huge asset to you if you ever are looking to travel around the globe.  It can also be an asset when doing global business.  The SpanishDict iPhone app is one way that you can increase your Spanish Vocabulary and become fluent in no time.

The dictionary has over 100,000 entries and includes games, audio features, and text translation to help you master the language.  Take advantage of all that the SpanishDict app has to offer and download it today.


  • The main feature of this app is that it has a full Spanish English Dictionary attached.  The great part about this app is that you don’t have to be connected to the internet in order to search the dictionary for words.  This makes the app much quicker than other internet based dictionaries
  • The app will also give you word suggestions as you type so you don’t always have to type out the entire word before you search for it
  • You can get audible pronunciations of each of the words so that you can work on correct accents and dialects
  • There is also a word game included that will help you associate words in English with their Spanish equivalents
  • The Word Game is multiple choice and will pronounce a word and you have to find out what the translation really is.  As you get more answers correct, the game will automatically start sending you harder words to try and translate
  • There is also phrasebook that is included that will talk to you and teach you over 700 of the most common phrases and words in the Spanish language.  You can get a text translation for all of them as well as an audio pronunciation
  • One of the great parts about the app is the “Word of the Day” feature where you can simply learn a single new Spanish word every day.  This is a good way to go if you are very busy but want to add to your vocabulary
  • If you have certain words that you have trouble remembering, then you can add them to your favorites list to practice over and over again at a later time.  You also have the ability to email these words to yourself


Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone education app users and currently can be downloaded for free.

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