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Android Street View On Google Maps Review

Google Maps has become one of the most popular of all online map resources thanks in large part to the Street View option. This option takes the viewer to a street level panoramic view of the location they want to find. The Street View feature available from Google Maps has revolutionized how people navigate from one place to another and is now available as a free app to Android users everywhere.


The Street View app gives users an instant glimpse of just about any place they want to see. While the Street View option is not available to every location on earth, all the biggest and most popular cities can be easily viewed. Curious users can take a virtual tour of distant cities and far-flung locations with just the tip of their finger. Street View on Google Maps gives the user all the trusted features Google Maps is known for along with several others.

One significant advantage provided by the Street View app is the one-touch access to the maximum zoom level provided by Google Maps. This is ideal for people who are primarily interested in using Google Maps for street level navigation. The app allows a user to take a virtual walking tour or navigate their way through an unfamiliar city with much greater ease than a traditional paper map would allow. ​

Additional Features

This app has many features that utilize existing Google Maps technology. By selecting the turn by turn navigation option, the Android is transformed into a GPS guidance system. Once a course has been selected, the app will guide the user through each step of their route until they arrive at their destination. People who are walking or behind the wheel will receive the same quality guidance. Thanks to the ever-increasing accuracy of the Google Maps network, it’s now possible to view a map in three dimensions. The 3.D feature is especially useful for people who are walking from one place to another. Select indoor locations can also be viewed with the help of the application. The floor layout of restaurants, hotels, casinos, and other popular locations around the world can be viewed instantly.


Google Maps has changed the way that people find directions and learn about new locations. This free app takes this convenience to a whole new level. The Street View zoom level is now more widely available, which allows users to see distant parts of the world from the perspective of a person on the street. The easily accessed 3-D view and indoor floor maps of selected locations really make this free app stand out from other available navigation applications. Users have given this app a rating of 4.3 out of 5; it will run on Android 2.2 and up.

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