Graphing Calculator iPhone app Review


The Graphing Calculator iPhone app is a great way for you to get all of your math homework done without having to spend hundreds of dollars on bulky, outdated calculators.  The app only costs one dollar and has a variety of different features and functions to help you graph any equation.


  • This education app has a very easy to use calculator that is powerful and can handle a lot of inputs
  • You can use the keyboard to customize your equations and have them work faster
  • Just like on a regular graphing calculator you can plug in multiple equations for the graph you are using
  • Has a trace mode that you can use to find the exact coordinates of x and y for intersections and roots
  • Find the x value at any point on the graph that you have created
  • Use the pinch function to zoom in on your graph and you can also drag the screen to see all the parts of the graph
  • You can view the graph in both landscape and portrait mode
  • If you have a graph that you will need to go back to you can take screen shots and email them to yourself
  • You can graph both parametric and polar equations with ease
  • Has a variety of different functions that you can plug into it including sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, tanh, cosh, sinh, exp, log, ln, square root, floor, ceiling, absolute value, log2, log10, degrees to radians, and much more
  • This update also includes a redesigned calculator that is much more simple than the original
  • The buttons also have been made bigger so it is easier to navigate the page
  • You also have a square root button right on the main keyboard because it is used so often
  • You can zoom in on either the y or x axis, depending on what you need it for
  • You can save your calculator history so you can go back to earlier steps
  • The equation editor as also been revamped and improved
Rather than going out and buying a $100 graphing calculator, you can spend a single dollar and have it on your phone for whenever you need it.  This app is a great deal for everybody, especially those that are using it for their math classes.  These education apps can do wonders to help kids, and this app is no exception.
Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone education app users and can currently be downloaded for $0.99.